Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Celebrating Saturated Fat

Anyone familiar with me knows I have no fear of saturated fat, what scares me is the crazy engineered "factory" fats that people eat.

Anyway, two important reports came out recently about the non-danger of saturated fats and were roundly ignored by the press.  I'm not sure why the press ignores these, you'd think people would want to know?

But I'm going to collect and publish everything I find on the topic right here in this article and I'll update it periodically.

An excellent article from Men's health quoting lipid research Dr. Ronald Krauss (who used to be a lipophobe I believe).

Dr. Briffa blogs about 2 recent studies that exonerate saturated fat:  Saturated fat does not cause heart disease

"Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of saturated fat with cardiovascular disease"  -- The conclusion is that saturated fat does not contribute to heart disease.  This is Dr. Ronald Krauss again, who Dr. Steven Guyenet describes as "one of the most prominent lipid researchers in the world".

Strange how quickly the popular press will jump on any schlocky science as long as it vilifies meat and fat but they pretty much ignore  anything shedding light on the contrary.  However, we have an growing independent media now amongst the people who blog and post on forums and such.  There are many, many doctors doing this too and it is refreshing to have all these wonderful sources of truly independent thinkers available.

Update 1/20/2010 -- Later same day

Another article from Dr. Krauss, that Dr. Steven Guyenet blogs about showing that replacing saturated fat with refined carbohydrates is a bad idea.  What's a refined carbohydrate?  My definition is anything that's been processed in a factory.  That would include so-called "healthy whole grains".  They're full of lectins and phytates that actually prevent you from being able to absorb minerals and vitamins.  Oddly enough, white rice might be a little better than brown rice, in that the bran contains a lot of the bad stuff.

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