Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spicy, Roast Chicken -- Torture for the nose

I keep coming back to this chicken.  This is why I have a couple of marjoram plants in my yard.  In fact, one grew so big it took over my small planter, so I dug it up and took a bit of the top/roots and replanted and threw the rest out. Surprisingly I found a couple of cilantro plants growing underneath that bushy majoram!  So I'm nurturing them along.

I didn't use a cut-up chicken but instead butterflied one, less work and I love how much skin gets exposed and crispified.

The tomatoes caramelize, the juices and fats mingle with the garlic, marjoram and tomatoes and it makes an amazing sauce.

When I started cooking it I had the tomatoes piled up on top of the chicken, but knocked them down below partway through.  There's just so much flavor in that mixture.

I now have a cherry tomato, thyme, marjoram, mint and cilantro growing in my raised bed which I built from cedar fence planks and 2x4's.

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