Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tomatoes in December

I hate to make my colder weather viewers jealous but I picked all these tomatoes off my tomato plant on December 9th. Some kind person told me to put them in a sunny window and they would ripen. So I put about 8 or so in my window and now, 20 days later, one is nearly ready to eat! The rest are in my pantry, in a bag. They'll get their turn to ripen soon.

My tomato vine is doing better this winter than it did all summer, but it was too cold to ripen the tomatoes. So, I decided to try to just cut it way down, nearly to the ground and I took all the unblemished, unripened fruit off.


Anna said...

I never buy tomatoes in winter from the store, but am still getting two varieties of tomatoes in my CSA box thanks to the mild winter climate in San Diego County. Tomato vines look like hell this time of year, but in the right microclimates, many continue to produce viable fruit a very long time. I have some volunteer cherry tomato vines thriving under my dwarf banana plants, but they don't seem to be setting fruit.

Apra -- The Shaman said...

Interesting, Anna! I found my tomato plant was absolutely flourishing and looked better in December than it did during the summer. It was still flowering and still setting fruit when I cut it back.

I'll be interested to see how this plant fares when it warms up.