Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What am I eating now?

No... not eating this horrid green thing. I have nightmares about these things!

Well, drifting a little further from Paleo at times. I've started using Whey protein for shakes. They certainly are delicious and a nice break from my usual left-overs or eggs with fish sauce. I got reminded of the "perfect cold chicken" recipe I posted back in 2008 and made another one of those. The broth is so awesome.

I've been in kind of an eating rut lately. Eating a sort of Asian cabbage salad with either chicken or shrimp daily. I use slightly sweetened rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, dehydrated onions and sometimes throw some avocado in there too. It's great and super fast to make.

I've also been on a pork spare rib campaign. They're 1.99 a pound at Costco and come in really huge containers. A typical package is about 7-9 pounds. So I've been experimenting with various rubs and roasting them in the oven (250 degrees) for a looong time, until they start to fall off the bone. About 6 hours. Then I make up a sauce of ketchup, sweetener, vinegar, onion powder. I think maybe some pickle juice would work good in there too. I should probably use tomato paste instead of ketchup to keep it lower carb.

Speaking of tomatoes, my tomato plant is producing despite my general neglect of it. I really need to get out there and looked for dreaded Tomato Hornworms... *shiver puke* They come every year and I have to overcome my strong repulsion to deal with them. I think I can blame my worm issue on my Mom. She used to pick them off her tomatoes and squish them with her foot. One time one splattered all over my legs (when I was a child). I must've been traumatized by that. :)