Monday, July 26, 2010

30-Days of High Omega-6 Diet--Stiffens Arteries and Increases Belly Fat

Someone followed a high-ish Omega-6 diet for 30 days and tracked the changes in her body. 

Results: The results were surprising for only a 30-day evaluation.  Susan’s weight remained unchanged. But there were dramatic changes in her blood fatty acid composition, body fat, arterial function, and body mass composition. During the 30-day period, omega-6 fatty acid was significantly increased, while omega-3 fatty acid content was decreased.
... While body weight remained the same, body fat increased in the abdominal area by nearly ½-pound.  Fat was also increased in the trunk region, where notably, lean body mass decreased.  Metabolic rate also decreased from 1367 to 1291 calories.
In just 30 days, brachial artery dilation dropped by 22%, a change much larger than the day-to-day variation of this test. The amplitude of this changed surprised everyone involved in this project.  Susan’s arteries were also stiffer, as revealed by the ultrasound scan, which indicates blood vessels are less able to expand and contract.
Read the entire article to see the charts and other information. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Egg Crepes

 I forgot about these.  I make delicate, crepes out of just egg and water (possibly flavoring).  It's very simple.

Put a pan on the stove to heat while you're mixing.  Put a good sized spot of oil in the pan, don't worry about spreading it around. 

Break one egg into a bowl, adding vanilla if you want, or a SF syrup if you're so inclined.  Then add about 1 Tbl. of water.  Beat it with a fork until you have a thin egg batter.

Pour this into the center of the oil-spot.  The egg will spread the oil out over the pan as it flows out to the sides. 

If your pan is non-stick and your crepe cooperates, you can flip it over.  Otherwise just let it cook through.

It makes a really nice, although delicate, wrapper you can fill with whatever suits you.  This morning I had low-carb lemon curd, blueberries and some whipped cream on mine.  Made a wonderful breakfast!